Recent Podcast Appearance: Why Small Businesses Need Content Marketing

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on a podcast that is essential for Puget Sound businesses, The Disruptors.  Run by Bill Lee of the Keeba Agency and Candace Thompson of Wild Child Group, The Disruptors provides guidance to Puget Sound businesses on marketing, sales, and business management that can help them grow and increase profitability.  On the Disruptors, I talk about content marketing and why it’s important for businesses.

The core reason content is so important for business is, really, the core reason doing things right matters in all areas of marketing: satisfying your audience, the customer.  

PPC advertising, retargeting, and all of the new technology-driven approaches to advertising are valuable.  However, if they do not lead to content that your customers (or potential customers) are seeking as information, entertainment, or inspiration then they are wastes of time and money.

During our discussion, Candace, Bill, and I talked about how marketing used some of the highest quality content possible to support businesses.  Specifically, businesses created content around the serialized versions Charles Dickens’ novels.  For a detailed discussion of this, check out this piece by Andy Williams, Advertising and Fiction in The Pickwick Papers (PDF), in Victorian Literature and Culture v. 38, at 319-335 (2010).  Advertisers packed Dickens’ works with advertising content that matched the tone of his works to capture the attention of his readers.

Listen to “Write or not to write…By Todd Brogowski” on Spreaker.

Show Notes

  08:00 – how to grab your audience’s attention with your content

  10:00 – on analytics and content marketing strategy

  11:00 – what sort of writing I do 

  12:00 – marketing and compliance with US and EU laws

  13:00 – what businesses should do if they use video content to ensure they are also meeting the standard for search engine optimization

  14:00 – PPC advertising on Google

  16:00 – my work on email marketing for Team Rubicon

  21:45 – Wild Child Group’s upcoming workshop on how to get the most out of your intake meetings with clients

What Charles Dickens Means For Your Content

Obviously, not every business is able to – or should – create literary content like Dickens.  Nonetheless, I would be surprised to find a business that has no business providing interesting, entertaining, or otherwise useful content.