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How is a cult like a corporation?

So what do heinous organizations, like the Children of God, an organization that we all have immense pride in, the US Army, and a corporate giant have in common? And why does it matter? Is it possible that there is something that corporations, small businesses, and teams all over the world can learn from them? I think there is, and here it is: it is their need for deliberate programming–and not the type that you might be thinking.

Strong leaders, strong teams, and strong organizations are built deliberately and over a lifetime, and this is done with a strong focus on how they program their people, their teams and their leadership. Mini-cult building, if you will. It doesn’t happen by accident, but with intense focus and purpose.

Over at Task Force Art, former US Army CPT Daniella Young is starting a series on leadership and team-building with some interesting assessments of the cult known as The Children of God, the military, and corporations. Check it out, even if just for the gripping writing.

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Todd Brogowski