Coronavirus Special Offer

Colorado Business

I think it’s immensely cheesy to have a “pandemic sale,” but nevertheless, here we are, and I am doing just that. I have what I hope are good reasons, though. Let me explain.

I moved to a beautiful small town in the Rockies (Trinidad, Colorado) last year because my business is virtual. I help professionals with digital marketing. I also write business and legal articles for the local newspaper. I can do both from my living room, a boat off the coast of Belize, or a hut in Finland. Still, though, I like being involved in the local business community here in my small town.

Because it’s a small town, most entrepreneurs reach out to customers in person, and most networking is based on relationships. However, nowadays, relationships have to be at a metaphorical arm’s length. This has meant we have all transitioned to using new technologies to communicate. For me, being a tech geek, this is no problem. But to my neighbors that run restaurants or boutiques, dealing with digital marketing via anything more intensive than Facebook is a new – and unwelcome – challenge. Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t the best solution for small businesses. There’s no possibility of being found via search engine, and the content of a Facebook business page is limited.

I am a firm believer that working with small businesses (mainly rural businesses and veteran-owned businesses) is essential. Helping small entrepreneurs gives power back from those big businesses. Big companies already have too much power. If you need proof of this, consider how some corporations have fired workers for demanding protection from the coronavirus.

Let’s Get Your Business Online

One way to support this belief of mine is to help other small businesses become more profitable. Websites, social media, and a presence on Google Maps are linked to higher profits for small businesses. Therefore helping an entrepreneur establish a website is a great way to help that entrepreneur’s business become more profitable. That’s what I want to do.

The statistics support my belief that small businesses need websites if they are going to be found.

  • Local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day.
  • Mobile users are 60% more likely to actually visit a business if they can use their mobile device to find it.
  • 86% start their search for a company with Google, not Facebook
    Source: Hubspot’s 2020 Compendium of Marketing Stats

What Am I Offering

I am offering the creation of a WordPress-based website with five pages, typically:

  • a home page;
  • an “about me” page;
  • a blog;
  • a products and services page
  • a contact page
Terms and Conditions

While I mention the five pages listed above, if you want different pages created, such as a portfolio page or a case study page, that is not a problem. We can work together to determine what should be created for your business.

This special offer includes a brief, introductory blog post and content on all of the other static pages. For more content, please ask about my freelance writing services.

I will provide you with a choice of three premium WordPress themes for your site. You can also select one of the free themes offered by WordPress or a premium theme you already own.

What’s Not Included:

  • A virtual storefront, such as through WooCommerce
  • the cost of purchasing a domain and hosting (although I am happy to offer guidance and suggestions)
  • Product or personnel photography or videography
  • stock photography or videography
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines or social media

I can provide these services separately, however, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need them.

Typically, when I set up customer websites, I work with eCommerce experts and graphic designers, and the fees charged for the site range in the thousands of dollars. For these sites, I am charging only $250.00, plus tax.

If You Are Interested In Getting Started

This is an excellent opportunity for your business to get online if you haven’t already or if your business website is woefully out of date. To get started, feel free to schedule an appointment with me, so we can talk about what you need, or contact me via email at