Author: Todd Brogowski

How to Use Federal Relief to Stabilize Your Business

The COVID–19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the US economy, with a particularly harsh effect on small to mid-sized businesses. This week the US Department of Labor announced that jobless claims rose to 6.6 million people. Many small businesses are struggling to stabilize their business and keep afloat during this crisis. This article […]

Attorney’s Guide to Ethical Marketing: Indiana

Introduction This post is part of the Attorney’s Guide to Ethical Marketing, a series of posts (and eventually an eBook) that provides attorneys with a summary of key ethical rules for marketing across all fifty states, and the US territories. Summary Relevant Citations: IN RPC 7.1-7.5 Limitations on Direct Contact with Prospective Clients (Y/N): Yes Permitted […]

Focus on the idea, not the marketplace.

In Eric Reis’ newsletter, he interviews Andy Rachleff, founder of Wealthfront and Benchmark Capital.  Rachleff has a great comment about how he came up with Wealthfront’s approach to investing, not by looking at what is absent in the marketplace but by coming up with the ideas behind Wealthfront first, then seeing if/how it would work […]