Attorney’s Guide to Ethical Marketing: Iowa

Attorney Marketing Iowa


  • Relevant Citations: Iowa R. Of Prof’l Conduct 32:1.0 et seq. (Feb. 2020).
  • Limitations on Direct Contact with Prospective Clients (Y/N): Yes (in-person, live telephone, or real-time electronic contact is prohibited unless the prospective client is an attorney or has a prior personal or professional relationship with the prospective client) See Iowa R. Of Prof’l Conduct 32:7.3.
  • Permitted Forms of Marketing (See Iowa R. Of Prof’l Conduct 32:7.2.)
    • Traditional Media (Y/N): Yes
    • Inbound Marketing (Y/N): Yes
    • Social Media Marketing (Y/N): Yes
    • Email Marketing (Y/N): Yes
    • PPC Advertising (Y/N): Yes
  • Mandatory Language (Y/N): Yes. See Iowa R. of Prof’l Conduct 32:73(c) (communications should be marked as “Advertising Material” on the outside of envelopes or at the beginning and end of electronic communication. See also Iowa R. Of Prof’l Conduct 32:7.2, requiring the name of at least one attorney or law firm responsible for the conduct to be included with the advertisement.
  • Opt-Out Requirement (Y/N): No
  • Retention and Record-keeping Requirement (Y/N): No
  • Non-Surname Branding (Y/N): Yes. See Iowa R. Of Prof’l Conduct 32:7.5(Comment 1).
  • Date of Last Revision: February 2020


Iowa generally follows the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, albeit without the requirements of record retention or an opt-out provision for advertising.