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For Lawyers

Home Blog About Me Contact Me Marketing For LawyersYou Know About The Hearsay Rule and its Exceptions. But Do You Know What You Should Be Thinking About When it Comes To Marketing Your Practice? I’m sure you’re familiar with this story, no matter when you graduated law school: I graduated Georgetown Law in 2001. Never, in my […]

About Me

About Me Home Blog About Me Contact Me Todd BrogowskiI am a digital marketer, specializing in content creation and social media marketing for professionals. I didn’t always do this, though.  Before this, I was in the US Army and The Boeing Company, doing intelligence and private security work. While in the military, I served in the Intelligence […]


Insert Custom Menu Home Blog About Me Contact Me Using Intelligence Techniques and Psychological Approaches to Help Professionals Attract Clients For Mental Health Professionals For Attorneys For Healthcare Providers ​TradecraftTradecraft: A program designed to help startups and other new businesses engage in digital marketing without having to pay for a full service marketing campaign.

Intro & Proof

To start with, we’ll take a look at some proof. That way, you’ll see that the recipes in this course actually work (and produce some impressive results) in the real world and aren’t just marketing theory.

Scarcity Marketing – Good & Bad Examples

In this lesson, we introduce the concept of scarcity marketing. And very importantly: we look at some examples of how not to do it and the principles for doing it right. Scarcity marketing is tricky in this regard. If you do it right, it’s incredibly powerful. But if you do it wrong, it can cost you dearly and damage your reputation.

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