Businesses face different challenges during different times in their lifecycle.

Todd’s Written Word gives you the weapons and strategies you need to overcome those challenges.

Expert Content Creation
For High Value Targets

Your Hired Gun

You know that you have the perfect product or service, the one that will bring in the best results for your business. But, if you mess up your approach to your customers, all of your hard work and sacrifice will be for nothing. Times like these call for bringing in someone to make sure your approach to your clients rings true.

Marketing Coaching
for Startups

Your Tactical Advisor

New businesses and businesses with limited budgets face the challenge of being able to attract customers without spending a fortune. You can fumble through developing a marketing strategy on your own, risking wasting time on approaches that don’t work or ignoring tactics that offer incredible returns at low cost. But what if there was a better way?

Tactical Approach