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Marketing Strategy for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Products and Services

Marketing Strategy

When I started Todd’s Written Word, it was because I wanted the challenge of forming my own business. There was a thrill of having nobody there to help me out, of knowing that I was solely responsible for my success or failure. I want Todd’s Written Word to be a resource for other small businesses and entrepreneurs that have taken up this challenge. To that end, I offer multiple tiers of services for those who want the sort of marketing strategy that will bring more customers to their doors but may need to adhere to a tight budget.  If you have any questions, click here.

Full-Service Strategy, Implementation, and Marketing Campaign Management

If you want the ability to focus on your business and are in the position to delegate the work of marketing to others if you need an intensive redevelopment of your online presence, or a structured, multi-channel marketing campaign, this tier offers you a lean marketing solution. When businesses hire a full-service marketing firm to handle their rebranding or social media marketing campaigns, they are often paying a premium so these firms can retain graphic designers, videographers, or web developers on a constant basis. However, when you utilize freelancers – like me and my trusted colleagues – costs are limited only to those times that they are essential to the campaign. This gives creatives the freedom to work on projects they find compelling and businesses like yours the ability to hire the best without the overhead associated with a bloated advertising agency.  Schedule an initial consultation now.

Marketing Coaching and Consultation

Being a new entrepreneur often means having the confidence to set out on an adventure. You need to be comfortable adapting to whatever challenges are thrown your way. That does not mean you need to go it alone. I can help guide you to develop smart goals that you can achieve with the right sort of training. By leaving some of the heavy lifting of content creation in your hands, I can offer you essential guidance at a fair price. I do marketing coaching and consulting sessions on a weekly or monthly basis (at a rate of $150.00 per session), through webchats and email (all emails are free). Together, we work on developing a feasible marketing plan, then on how to execute that plan, and finally how to look at the complex statistics that constitute marketing analytics to revise and improve your marketing plan.  Click here to schedule our first session.

How TWW Can Guide You
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Freelance Commercial Writing

Freelance writing is at the heart of my marketing practice. It is something I love dearly. I help businesses that need quality writing in a wide variety of fields, such as:

  • a blog post or white paper that shows customers why your products are the best in your field;
  • lead magnets that bring customers into your marketing funnel;
  • technical compliance writing, such as terms of service for your website or employee manuals;
  • interview-based content, such as magazine articles or newsletters; and,
  • marketing brochures and radio advertisement scripts.

Let me know what sort of writing you need.

Coming Soon: Digital Marketing Field Manual Training Program

Based on the training style I learned from the military intelligence community, this program provides incremental learning at your own pace so that you can handle the fundamentals of marketing your business. We will do regular office hours each week to handle the real-world application of the principles described in the program.

Veterans/Military Discounts
Veterans/Military Discounts

For those who served

I will always work with my fellow veterans to help you develop your business. Along with the 20% discount I offer veterans, let me know if you require a payment plan or individual assistance with a particular project. We can get it squared away.