Press Release for Minor League Basketball Team

Press Release for Club Parkside Basketball Association

Parkside Press Release: Club Parkside Basketball Association is the owner of the Lakewood Panthers, a member of the American Basketball Association.  Parkside needed a press release to unveil the relaunch of the basketball team and entice a local military community to join it for games and special events.

Recent Developments in Stock Options


Article regarding how Sarbanes-Oxley would change executive compensation

Recent Developments in Stock Options, New Jersey Lawyer: When Sarbanes-Oxley was first enacted, there were many questions about how the law would influence corporations in how they compensated executives.  This article, written in the magazine of the New Jersey State Bar Association, addressed many of these questions.

About Us Page for MG Telemarketing, SA

MG About Page: Many companies use SEO in their “about us” pages to drive potential customers and investors to their site.  MG Telemarketing, SA, was no exception to this.  MG Telemarketing approached me and asked if I could provide an English-language, search engine optimized “about us” page for them on an expedited basis.  Working with their European staff, I was able to develop a quality page that they used for their expansion into the English-language market.

The Best Serrated Pocket Knife

This blog post was written for an affiliate marketing blog, Reliable Knife, as a review of various pocketknives, their features, and their benefits.

“Culture to Performance” Ties to Accountability

This was an article (PDF) that I had written for the Boeing Company about how a corporate ethics and compliance initiative related to production goals.